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See threats.
Protect your company.
The first solution that embeds and inspects everything.
Give your company the protection it deserves.

Leave no stones unturned

Thanks to our blazing fast engine,
we analyse everything, leaving no space for attackers to hide.

80% reduction in operational costs

Our solution is easy to install, maintain, and gives no false positives.
No complex infrastructure overhaul.

Zero additional risks

Get compliant top rated security without compromising or exposing yourself to additional risks.

Detect it all

TLS Visibility is necessary

TLS encryption is everywhere and necessary for private communication, however it also means that attackers can use it to evade traditional defences.  

Analyse everything

At the core of our solution is our engine Boldo, a lightning fast engine allowing us to analyse everything, everywhere.

Defend against tomorrow's threats

Our simulation environment generates thousands of threats per seconds, and uses them to learn. What you receive is Boldo, the fruit of countless training hours.
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Increase in attacks using encrypted (TLS) channels in 2020

$3.86 million

Average cost of a data breach in 2020


Effective number of false alerts with our solution

Save & Comply

No network infrastructure

Security done at the network level adds large initial and running costs, as well as a large surface attack, making it a compliance nightmare.

Easy installation

Our agent gets installed in one command line, and starts analysing within seconds.

No false alerts. Really.

Advanced breaches can be very complex to understand. As soon as our engine raises an alert, our incident response team provides immediate remediation assistance, at no added cost.
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