Turning abstract cyber risk into dollars

A novel approach for managing cyber risk

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Cyber Risk – Quantified

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Cyber risk – quantified

Know where largest risks lie based on Annual Loss Expectancy (ALE). How
much financial damage could a given breach cause?

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One problem, multiple solutions

Be alerted of issues that could cause serious financial damage. Get varied suggestions of how to mitigate the risks.

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Designed for CISOs

A new cybersecurity approach designed for CISOs, combining the best cyber practices with business.

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Measure performance

Know by how much each team member decreased your company's risk and assign a range of tasks suggested by the X80 engine to continue reducing risk.

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Risk broken down

Understand the breakdown of your company's cyber risk to improve your risk posture in all areas.

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Simple interface

Enough with complex interfaces. Get the information you need with a straightforward platform. No fluff.

We translate your cyber risk into dollars, and show you how to reduce it.

A powerful Cyber Engine

Our tool is designed for CISOs, built around our state of the art cyber engine

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Focus on assets first, issues later

We help you stay focused on what matters. We map and quantify risk across your ecosystem: this includes not only your cloud infrastructures and any SaaS tools you may use, but also and just as importantly, your users and employees.

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Cloud Infrastructure
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SaaS tools
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Consider all options before committing time and resources

There are always multiple ways to reduce risk. Our engine suggests a range of security tasks for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities as well as user permissions and entitlements while also taking into account data protection and encryption. We like to prioritize the suggested tasks by Risk Savings and ROI.

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Misconfigurations and Vulnerabilities
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User Permissions and Entitlements
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Data Protection and Encryption Checks
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Team cyber awareness training logs

Be sure every dollar invested reduces risk by several dollars

Security teams must take decisive actions that maximize ROI. Measure your team's performance and report your successes to the board.

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