X80 Security

Advanced protection module providing high performance threat detection for all devices.

About X80

X80 Security provides high performance threat detection modules, deployable on device, network, or cloud.

Our aim is to provide you with the best cyber protection with no disruptions. Our solution administers protection for all devices, including low-powered IoT, which are one of the most common targets for due to their low protection.

This is done by combining a high efficiency data analysis, with a state-of-the-art AI-powered defense generation.

Value Proposition

Protects All Devices

Full protection for all devices, including low power IoT.


Can be deployed on device, network, or cloud. Simple integration, no need to modify your systems.


No network slow down.
No modification to your workflow.


Near perfect detection rate.
No irrelevant alerts.

Technical Description


Most cyber security protection are purely reactive, meaning they only protect against known threats. 80% Cyber Attacks are variations of existing threats.

At X80, we have built an AI-powered simulation environment in which two AI-powered algorithms constantly try to outperform each other. The red AI generates new threats, and the blue AI retrains its defenses. This allows us to protect against known and novel threats.

Operationally Efficient

We have built a statistically principled orchestration mechanism, layering the defense in multiple stages, with each stage evermore complex.

This grants our solution the optimal speed and detection performance possible, which results in a seamless yet powerful experience for you.

About Us

Simon Janin

Simon is a tech entrepreneur with a computer science background, he founded two companies, worked for the Swiss Army Cyber Security department and invented a cryptographic protocol presented at the National Bureau of Economics.

Edoardo Barp
VP Engineering

Edoardo is a mathematician and machine learning specialist, he developed the Assistance and Object detection framework at Shift Technology. He detains several awards and has founded MLJ, the largest Julia machine learning library.

Ehud Ben-Porat
Cyber Advisor

Ehud is one of the three security architects of the Swiss Stock Exchange ($1T market cap), he holds a PhD in cyber security from ETH Zürich and was a member of the Israeli Cyber Unit.

David Kas
AI Advisor

David is an applied mathematician and expert at reinforcement learning, he scaled a team to 12 employees, published deep learning papers, one of them with Google Deepmind. David consulted for some of the largest firms.