The story behind X80

The security solution that speaks the language of business

How X80 started

X80 was founded in 2020, in the midst of unprecedented migrations to cloud technologies. We are backed by Entrepreneur First, a UK-based fund by Peter Thiel (Paypal) and Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), amongst others.

CVEs do a poor job at measuring real financial impact. Every minute and dollar spent on cyber should be done in a way that maximizes ROI. More precisely, as security professionals, our objective is to get the highest risk reduction per dollar invested.

Furthermore, cyber talent is hard to find and retain, so security teams need to be more efficient than ever – hence, a novel approach that doesn’t burn them out is required.

Our values

We are passionate about cyber and our values are at the core of how we do things at X80.

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Diversity of opinions

We believe that an environment where diverse opinions can thrive is one that brings out the best in all.

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Alavanca (Leverage)

Inspired by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we seek to produce the best outcomes using the least amount of force.

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Pareto efficiency

We strive to make everyone better off without making anyone worse off. We try to find a point of equilibrium where everyone's interests can be maximized.

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Face the truth

We make finding the truth in all things our priority, and believe that prosperity can only be earned via a continuous process of getting closer to it.